CONGRATULATIONS! Magnus Carlsen has, once again, defended his title to win World Chess Champion 2018. Well played!

The official Tournament Report, and more, can be found here; and the Play Magnus apps here.
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My Advice to
Young Citizens of the Internet

Evidently an alarming number of people seem content with getting all their information from unhinged rapists on twitter. (Reasons Trump is an actual president.)

It's become a thing. Like fake news.
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Adventures in Data
Part 1

I don't recall exactly when I became obsessed with data, but it was a long time ago. Back when Facebook was still fairly new and I was still posting selfies and pretending to appreciate the 'FarmVille gifts' from my co-workers at Corus Entertainment.
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Site Building
First I have to say, Vive la France! Vive l'Europe! <3 I am very happy France has elected Emmanuel Macron as President.

Second, I forgot how fun it is to build websites, hence Astronaut Cat. :)
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A New Website
I haven't started actually writing here yet because I'm still in the middle of building, but I have written a few short posts about my volunteer work for friends at Environmental Vision Exchange; a Canadian charity that travels (mostly through Africa) solving problems. You can find it here:
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